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we are a professional team fully dedicated in providing high end results for customers, to their top most satisfaction. -in current trend of cinematography, we are highly lass with modern equipments such as slider, jib crane, drone and high resolution cameras to make the visuals more beautiful. -the team of specialised members work to bring out the best result. Each member having different speciality. yet a bridging support to each other make to an efficient working atmosphere giving out the best result.


Manis Gupta

Founder & CEO

(Cinematographer & Director)

Manis gupta is a brilliant & outstanding performer. A man full of energy & qualities. with a specialization in cinematography and direction manis gupta is the leading face of the company. having a working experience of almost 6 years. He is always at his creative best.

Ambuj Prasoon


(Marketing Head/Editor)

Ambuj prasoon is a man of together. Being the envirnment coolent at the work house, he does'nt only leads the team but also takes the crucial decisions to make the team emerge victorious. with a experience of over 5 years he has always shocked us with his qualities and talent.

Devendra Chaudhary


(3D Animator & VFX Artist )

Devendra chaoudhary is a club house of talent and power house of zest.a man with stamina , who never learnt to give up . A man who makes you feel get going.With a work experince of over 3 years and supporting the team continusly and vigrously, he has been the backbone of the company.

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